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Founded in 2021, REAAT medical treatment and facilitation services a young and aggressive company dedicated to becoming a market leader. We stand firmly with core principles of comprehensive mobile and home health care services - safe, convenient, ethical Includes offices which offer specialized services to patients seeking medical treatments in UAE,

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What we Provide.


Doctor On Call

We provide you all the benefits of consulting with our highly trained doctors and nurses 24/7 at your Doorstep..


Professional Nursing

Our Team is comprised of Highly Trained & licensed nurses our services get you a qualified nurse to care for your healthcare needs.


Pain Management

Pain management, pain killer, pain medicine, pain control for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those with pain .


Medical Travel Assistance

We offer a full suite of Travel, Accident & Health to meet your needs. Affordable Premium. Wide Range of Cover. Individual or family ..


Injection/IV therapy

Getting Injection or IV Therapy service at home with the assistance of trained and experienced nurses comes with several benefits.


Lab services

You need to have a blood test but don't have the time We offer various laboratory services at comfort of your home.


Post-Operative Care

Postoperative care is the care which refers to any of your needs you receive after a surgical procedure.



Physiotherapy helps reestablish mobility, movement, and function when someone is affected by trauma, sickness, or disability.